Friday, September 21, 2012

Blogs are in

Hi there!

Apparently blogging is in!  Well ... far be it from me to 'not be in'... :) So. Here it goes again.

Music and life in music has been crazy busy as usual. This year I've made an EP with women in docs, played festivals and gigs up and down the Queensland coast with my boys, The Wayward Gentlemen as well as women in docs, written 100's of songs with kids from Arnhem Land and Cape York, coordinated the enormous beast which is Cairns Festival 2012, performed my show, Rosa, in its home town of Innisfail ... What's next, what's next, what's next?


Wallaby Creek Festival next weekend (Cooktown).
New York City attending Bite The Big Apple Arts and Cultural Management Tour
Mexico (holiday)
Wellington Folk Festival (New Zealand, with women in docs)
Tablelands Folk Festival (Roz and Rob, Far North Qld)
Every Friday afternoon in November at Brisbane Powerhouse with women in docs
A festival in Adelaide with women in docs
Another two weeks in Arhnem Land with my gorgeous song writing kids

Not to mention, trying to finish this women in docs record.

And wouldn't it be nice to start thinking about Wayward album number 2?

Who doesn't love a challenge? And frequent flyer points galore.

Blogging. Let it happen!

Roz :)

Friday, October 14, 2011

Holy kazoo. It seems like decades since the last blog. I think it was May last year, when we were let loose in Victoria. Please, never allow me to go on tour with 4 boys on my own, EVER AGAIN.

Since then, I moved to Cairns (sort of), got the boys up to Cairns for a variety of shows, including Murder Ballads for Cairns Festival, Yungaburra Folk Festival, supporting Tim Finn and Vika and Linda ... etc etc. We've also had our share of shows in Bris with Livespark at the Powerhouse. Silas Wayward is moving to Melbourne, just to make things harder but cooler.

We're looking for a producer to rock this next album out.

Life's a scream. And that's what I do. :)

Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Tour Aftermath

More than 5 things Ann learnt about the Waywards this trip: Az loves apple juice, Roz loves netball, Linc loves gelato, Silas is lucky and quick and his foot is lighter than air, Linc has no gag reflex and likes jelly wrestling, Rob can walk past a samosa without eating it, Rob is mostly happy to leave his guitar on the side of the stage and go home, Silas and Rob invented sweetbix, there are certain people in the band who can't be 'buddies' because it gets too dangerous (ie; Az and Roz), Roz, Linc and Az invented the paddy wagon, ALL the Waywards like Op Shopping (dressed by St Vinnies Ballarat), Roz has a serious guilt and authority complex and Az is a wannabe Jimmy Hendrix ;) success all round.

Anything else?

Monday, May 24, 2010

Two days before take off.

We are hitting the road. I didn't think we'd do it. I was slightly against the idea of packing up the boys, trying to find a way to transport the stick that's our bass guitar, I struggled with the idea of putting my precious electric guitar on the aeroplane, having seen what happens to our instruments in the process of said transportation. At one point it was all too hard. I mean there are 5 of us in this band for God's sake!!

But I have to admit, I'm addicted. I must move and travel. And if I'm playing music while I'm doing it, well all the better.

So, thanks to the pushing shoves of Simon Homer, Plus One Records Boss Man and the enthusiasm of the Waywards, we're doing it. We've had brief weekends to Cairns, Gympie, Sunny Coast, Tamworth. But this will be the first proper tour. I think it might be a herald for times to come.

I've printed the worksheet, spoken to press and radio, put new strings on the guitars, told all my friends in Vic and Melbourne. The boys will be in charge of driving this weekend. (They don't know it yet). I'll be in charge of making them tour fit.

That's the deal.

Pics and stuff, hopefully coming.